Safety at the Urban Oasis

Duane and I were thrilled with the promise the vaccine held for everything getting back to “normal”. We were some of the first people in line to get vaccinated and had high hopes that the vaccine would be the beginning of the end of the Corona Virus.

We didn’t even consider that not everyone would want to get the vaccine. And, we didn’t count on the Delta variant’s ability to infect people who were vaccinated. To make it worse it appears that a vaccinated person would then be able to transmit the virus to others, including our little grandchildren, even when not looking sick.   Even with those issues, we believe the vaccine is the answer to stemming the unnecessary deaths from this virus as well as its spread and ability to mutate. That being said, we want to keep our doors open while keeping ourselves and our guests safe.  

Safety Measures
The Urban Oasis is huge, with 30-foot ceilings and ceiling fans moving the air which makes it safer in general for avoiding airborne viruses. That and having some safety protocols in place will allow us to keep our doors open.  Here are the rules we have implemented so we can keep the doors open and you can enjoy your stay at the Urban Oasis.

  1. All guests must be vaccinated and show their vaccination cards at check-in.
  2. If you made your reservation before August 9th, and have not been vaccinated, please let us know your vaccination status and present negative results of a Corona Virus test taken within 24 hours of your visit.
  3. We require people to wear masks when inside the common spaces.
  4.  Guests should space themselves out when taking off their masks to eat. There is plenty of room to do so at the island bar, the dining room table, or outside on the patios.
  5. If you are ill please let us know and we will assist you in rescheduling your trip.

Playing it Safe in Atlanta |
As far as being out and about in Atlanta, there are many wonderful restaurants with outdoor or even rooftop dining.  We love our walks and runs on the Atlanta Beltline.  You can also rent scooters or bikes to explore the area. Check out my friend, Robyn Elliot’s bike tours at BikeToursAtl. She and her team will show you around the historic, Intown Atlanta neighborhoods and share the city’s stories and history.  Krog Street Market and Ponce City Market are both open for business as are other stores and shops, hair and nail salons. We’d like to keep it that way and most people choose to wear masks while inside establishments, vaccinated or not. 

Keeping Our Doors Open
It was so great to reopen in June and have our guests visiting again. Now, to be able to keep our doors open in these crazy times, we are committed to keeping ourselves and our guests safe. For those of you who don’t like our safety measures, you may be more comfortable somewhere else. We are doing our part to help the world stay open and do it safely. I hope you will join us to do that! 



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