Judi and Duane at Urban OasisIf you’re a Queen or King of multi-tasking, you’ve met your match in Judi Knight. Judi is a woman who wears many hats. Knight’s hobby all her life had been designing and building, taking on projects over time with ever increasing complexity. In 1998, as CEO of a software company, Judi needed larger office space for her growing business.

After searching for some time, Judi bought the abandoned warehouse located on the Inman Park railroad corridor. She had the building rezoned then she designed and renovated it into seven live-work condominiums.

The software company office was on the front of the building. Judi made a home for her then husband and two children in the back of the building with garden space on three sides on what is now the Atlanta Beltline. She later built out and sold five additional units from the space left in between.

Duane came on the scene in 2001, with his kids. The Urban Oasis was born when the last of their crew left for college and beyond. Judi, Duane and their three Basset hounds were rattling around their 5,400 sq foot loft built in an old 1950’s cotton sorting warehouse . Located in the heart of  Inman Park, it is in one of Atlanta’s most historic and hip areas and is conveniently located one-mile from downtown Atlanta.


The loft at 130 A, Krog Street has always been a preferred spot for entertaining family and friends. It has been used for such events as the Inman Park Neighborhood Association Christmas Party, campaign parties and dances. It has served as a perfect space for movie shoots, commercials, graduations, memorial services and weddings.  

Real World Atlanta 2019Most recently it was the location of the filming of the 33rd season of  The Real World, The Real World Atlanta 2019.



It was not much of a stretch for Judi and Duane to realize other travelers might want to have a cool place to stay while they were visiting Atlanta.

They slid into the business quietly, not sure at first how they would like having “strangers” in the house. It didn’t take long for them to realize that they were offering a great service, having fun doing it and making money all at the same time.

In fact, they report, “We have the best guests!” They don’t advertise besides for their website which was designed by Judi to attract their “right” people. The right people are those actually looking for this type of retro, modern, loft experience. You won’t find dusty doilies and sausage and gravy breakfasts here.


Always exploring and pushing her own envelope, Knight has turned her building and design talents towards helping small businesses grow with a special focus on developing an awesome online presence. She and her team who include her son Michael,  are really delighted to operate New Tricks Web Design Atlanta, out of the Urban Oasis.  Duane, recently reetired from Turner Broadcasting,  is a triathlon coach and fitness trainer, Last Chance Fitness.  Judi and Duane are perfect examples of people who have reinvented themselves and are having fun doing it.