The Krog District, an Urban Transformation

Krog Street Market

The Urban Oasis is located on Krog Street in the Inman Park neighborhood, in what has lately been designated as The Krog District.  Twenty years ago, when I bought our building, Krog Street was just a street of abandoned warehouses on the neighborhood’s edge that you had to drive through to get to the tunnel and go to Cabbage Town.

A lot has happened since then!  The Urban Oasis Bed and Breakfast and Rathbun Steak started the ball rolling. Then, the Krog Street Market opened with its many shops and restaurants. And now, our end of the neighborhood has been designated The Krog District, which is making waves as the city’s newest hot spot. Southern Living magazine has recognized its potential to become one of Atlanta’s favorite hang-out destinations.  We are proud of the role that the Urban Oasis Bed and Breakfast played as an important part of this urban transformation!

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