Spring Wedding Bells at the Urban Oasis

We had a beautiful spring wedding here a couple of weeks ago at the Urban Oasis. Here is a video of photos from Megan and Tim’s wedding that was just held here on March 12, 2011. Note the  Weeping Ornamental Cherry Tree in full, glorious bloom. Also the Tulip Magnolia and the Redbud Tree were at their best. The wedding day was almost 70 degrees, but the bride and groom were very lucky. It has been cold and rainy for the two weeks since.


Tim and Megan had about 80 guests at their wedding. I like to cap our weddings here with the guest list of 125 people. That way when some can’t come we end up with about a hundred. If they were able to come that wouldn’t be a problem since we can hold more than that, it is just more complicated when the numbers get really big and I don’t think they are as much fin for anyone.

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