Urban Oasis Website History

If you are a regular around the Urban Oasis, you probably know that Duane and I both have other jobs in addition to running the bed and breakfast. Duane retired from Turner Broadcasting two years ago and has started a new career as an actor and, I run a web design agency in Atlanta

In 2008,  I started helping friends and acquaintances who were losing their jobs in the recession, start their own businesses, including developing websites for their new businesses. By 2009, I decided this was something I loved doing and started my own business and named it New Tricks since there were so many new technologies available that allowed businesses to have their own voices heard on the Internet. 

At that same time, with our kids were in college and their bedrooms sitting empty, I had the idea of renting out their rooms to make a little money for the upkeep of this big space. This was before the days of Airbnb,  so I built a website myself for the Urban Oasis so we could see if there was a market for this and if we liked being Innkeepers in our own home. The answers to both of those questions were Yes! And here we are today, still going strong with the Urban Oasis Bed and Breakfast and New Tricks Web Design Atlanta.  

My son, Michael, never moved back into his bedroom after college but he did come to work with me designing websites and has worked here for over ten years. Recently, Michael refreshed the design and updated the technology of the Urban Oasis website using the existing images and content.  I thought I would show you the latest and take you for a stroll back through time to see the earlier versions of the Urban Oasis Bed and Breakfast design and branding.  


The New Website


2018-July 2021




The Original Website from 2010



New Tricks Web Design Atlanta

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