Party Hardy on Edgewood Avenue

catapault to greatnessBack in the day, Edgewood Avenue in the Old Fourth Ward was well, rather edgy. Now it is the place to go out.

My friend, Grant Henry’s bar, Sister Loiusa’s “Church” of the Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium is the Soul of the street. Grant has his irreverent religious art everywhere. You could stay three weeks and still see something new. The Spiritual Sangria is divine unless you are in the mood for a PBR and some goldfish. It is a great place to go early and hang out with neighborhood friends and then the suburb hipsters and movie stars some on in later in the evening but the thing is you can’t move.

mizoWhen you get a little hungry and goldfish won’t take the edge off, you can go next door to the Corner Tavern for your regular bar food, or you can go down the street to have some napolotana wood fired pizza at Ammazza.Past Amazza at the end of Edgewood that is blocked off for the bridge repair, there is a create Japanese restaurant, Miso Izakaya

The Game Room can be a lot of fun but if you want to listen to music and do some dancing, you could try the Sound Table, located catercorner  to “Church”.

One of my favorite places on Edgewood is Noni’s an Italian Bar and Deli. It has a great vibe and good eats. After ten they have great DJs spinning tunes and some dancing going on.

Thumbs Up Edgewood Night SpotsStroll on down the street towards town to Pizza Versuvius great pizza. Stroll towards the bathroom and push the bookshelf to gain entrance to The Speakeasy for a cozy atmosphere and  excellent drinks.

If you stay out really late you can catch one of the best breakfasts at Thumbs Up. From Catfish to Waffles,  Thumbs Up has what you need. One of my favorites is called the heap. I like it with vegis, fried potatoes and you can get eggs and meat on it to. It is true comfort food.

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