Angie and Jim Get Married

We had a beautiful evening for Angie and Jim’s reception at the Urban Oasis B and B. Here are some photos of the set up. I have some movie footage from my new flip camera if I ever get it together I will post the video from the reception when it was in full swing! Angie and Jim actually had their marriage ceremony at a park in Ansley where they use to spend a lot of time when they first started dating.  After the ceremony they saw a couple siting on a bench who it turns out got married in that same park thirty years before.

The guests got to Krog Street about 6:30 where their was a pasta bar buffet and the SANA Blues Band waiting to party. The weather was divine just perfect for leaving the doors wide open and guests wandering in and out. The brides whole family stayed here with us and were delightful. I think they had a great time being here all together. We served them and the newly married couple a brunch of Shrimp and Grits on Sunday morning which was a nice end to a great weekend.

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