Add a visit to the Jeju Spa to your Weekend at The Urban Oasis

A few weeks ago, a couple came up to stay here from Newnan, Georgia, only 30 miles away. They wanted a relaxing getaway from their normal routines of being an educator and a minister. They were planning on going to a movie on the evening of day two but changed their minds when we told them about JeJu,  the Korean Spa we all love, and they saw someone else who was staying here come floating back  from a visit there.

This weekend the first thing our guest, Judi from Tampa did on Friday night was go to JeJu. She took these pictures. The spa is actually about a 20 minute drive up 85 off of Pleasant Hill Road and is in the parking lot of Gwinnet Mall. Now, you have to understand when you live in Intown Atlanta, we hardly ever go OTP ( outside the perimeter of Interstate 275 which loops around Atlanta). So if we say something is worth the trip then it is really the cat’s pajamas. And JeJu is the cat’s pajama’s.

JeJu is open 24 hours. It cost $25.00 and you can stay as long as you want, even overnight. The spa is huge. It has wet areas with steam rooms saunas, various hot tubs, cold tubs and a massage/scrub room.

You can scrub yourself or for an additional $40.00 you can purchase a scrub alone or for a bit more, a scrub and massage. Now, I have tried both but to me you can’t beat the scrub and it is enough for me. They put you on a vinyl upholstered table and scrub you all over, at least three times till your skin is as smooth as a baby’s butt.

After you have had enough fun in the wet area, you put on your Korean pj’s that they give you and go to the coed are where there are heated mineral huts with heated marble floors covered in Tatami mats. You go lay in the various rooms and soak up the healing energy. Afterward, there is a Korean restaurant where you can get a bite to eat while sitting on floor mats at low tables. The whole experience is amazing. Five hours fly by and you are more relaxed than you have been since the last time you got out of Bikram Yoga. Definitely worth it!

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