Event Space Rental Rates

weddingsetup5Call (770-714-8618) for specific prices for different events as prices may vary depending on the nature of the event.

Download the rental application: Urban Oasis Event Rental Agreement




The rental fee includes:

  • 2000 square feet of open space for dancing and mingling
  • kitchen facilities
  • 20 orange and white stacking chairs
  • 3 six feet rectangle folding tables
  • Plenty of coolers
  • 2 three gallon glass drink dispensers
  • patios and garden

Event Space Rental Rates and Terms

Mon – Fri.
8 am – 5 pm
Mon – Thurs
after 5 pm
Fri & Sat Sun
$400 $600 $1500 $600
Block of time included in Base Rate… min. 4 hours min. 4 hours min. 6 hours min. 4 hours
Each Additional Hour $100 $150 $250 $150
**Guest Rooms Rental  $465  $465 930  $465

***Additional Consideration

If the event is likely to disturb guests of the Bed and Breakfast the rooms must also be purchased the day of the event or in the case of a weekend, two days. The cost per night for the three queen bed rooms is 465.00 plus 8% tax.

Tax of 8% applies to the final bill.



You will need to include hours at either end of the times for your event sufficient for your set up and break-down.
A security deposit of 500.00 is required to secure your reservation along with a signed Rental and Deposit Agreement.
A month before the event please provide full details on the plan for set up, clean up and catering. At this time the full payment is due. The security deposit is in addition to the payment and will be refunded within a week of the event if everything is handled properly.
Refund Policy: Your rental deposit is non-refundable if you cancel the event within 60 days of the event.There is a $150 fee for canceling prior to 60 days.
Furnishings for Event

Outside rental agencies must provide tables, chairs and other necessary supplies for parties over 50 people.
Rental items may be delivered the day before an event.
Rental items must be broken down and neatly stored immediately after your event.
Rental items must be picked up the day after the event or the Monday after the event if the event was held on a weekend.
The space must be left in pre-event condition one hour after your event. For evening parties everything must be cleared out and cleaned prior to 12 midnight.

Event guests must leave the property by 11PM.
Guests staying at the Bed and Breakfast must not visit in the common areas inside or outside after 11:30 PM.
No following these policies may cause you to forfeit your deposit.