Urban Oasis B and B gets a new Fountain in The Garden

We are so happy to have our new fountain. Terry Bradshaw of Ground Artistry installed the patio and the fountain which he just completed today, Mother’s Day. I am thrilled. It is just perfect. It was a fun co-collaboration as Terry and I went all over the place in terms of what the design should be to go with such an unusual and eclectic garden. It had to be modern, but not too sleek, it had to have plants but now be rustic. It had to be great but not cost a fortune. And most of all it had to be easy to take care of and not leak.  I think we ended up with just the right look.

The Rainy Saturday Inman Park Festival 2010

Last year glorious, this year we got drenched on Saturday. Vendors all zipped up and people walking around in raincoats and umbrellas. In  the tradition of the “Show Must Go On” , it did rain or not. The parade was drenched but well and Inman Park Theatre Night fared better as the forecasted, “large hail and 30 mile an hour winds”  never showed up. The segments from  our local neighborhood, Horizon Theater at the beginning and Dad’s Garage at the end of the evening stole the show.

Rainy inman park festival day with solitary walker bundled up in front of zipped up artist tents

Today, Sunday, is supposed to be 84 degrees and sunny. It is beautiful clear skies now. I hope that people turn out and make up for yesterday. The artists really look forward to this show, putting a lot of effort into building up their inventory. Let’s go out and support them!

Lady Banks Climbs 30 Feet into Adjacent Trees

I have been waiting for this rose to bloom. For weeks I saw it climbing through the branches of the surrounding trees in a way that made it look like the tree had leafed out when it hadn’t. I was a bit worried when the rose started blooming profusely down near the base of the plant, that it was going to spend all of its energy blooming the bottom 10 feet but not at the top. But then, this weekend,  it started blooming all the way up what must be 30 feet into the surrounding trees.

And right on the heels of this display the peonies are getting ready to bloom. With all of the water they got this year, the plants and buds are looking really good. I will report with a photo when they bloom!

Add a visit to the Jeju Spa to your Weekend at The Urban Oasis

A few weeks ago, a couple came up to stay here from Newnan, Georgia, only 30 miles away. They wanted a relaxing getaway from their normal routines of being an educator and a minister. They were planning on going to a movie on the evening of day two but changed their minds when we told them about JeJu,  the Korean Spa we all love, and they saw someone else who was staying here come floating back  from a visit there.

This weekend the first thing our guest, Judi from Tampa did on Friday night was go to JeJu. She took these pictures. The spa is actually about a 20 minute drive up 85 off of Pleasant Hill Road and is in the parking lot of Gwinnet Mall. Now, you have to understand when you live in Intown Atlanta, we hardly ever go OTP ( outside the perimeter of Interstate 275 which loops around Atlanta). So if we say something is worth the trip then it is really the cat’s pajamas. And JeJu is the cat’s pajama’s. [Read more…]

Photos taken at The Urban Oasis Bed and Breakfast

Hi Judi,

Sean and I very much enjoyed our stay last month at Urban Oasis. Thank you again for the hospitality and the fabulous recommendations for lunch and dinner. We had a great time visiting Atlanta!

Thought you might like some of the photos I took while at your place. Your cat was a moody model, but worth it, I love how this picture came out!


Thanks again,