My Desk at Urban Oasis.

My desk I was practicing taking a picture with Instagram on my iPhone and posting it directly to my website and it seems to work really well.I can now take photos of all the good restaurants in the neighborhood and easily upload them for our guests to get an idea of what goodies await them here in Inman Park.

One might wonder what I am doing with  a microphone and business books here at the Urban Oasis. I am fortunate to have a home office for my other company, New Tricks, where I build WordPress websites and teach people how to grow their businesses. One the fourth Wednesday of every month at 6:00 PM, we hold the Atlanta WordPress USer’s Meetup Group  at the Urban Oasis. So if that is your thing, you may want to join us here.

Chris Guillebeau Book Signing at Atlanta’s Urban Oasis on May 15

Chris is coming back to the Urban Oasis for his book signing for the new book on May 15th at 6:30. You are welcome to come and tell your friends. We want to out do ourselves from last year and that will take some doing!

I met Chris Guillebeau on Twitter.  Last year, Chris Guillebeau had himself an unconventional book tour for his first book, The Art of Non-Conformity. I reached out to him and told him that the Urban Oasis would be a great location for his Atlanta stop. Chris took me up on the offer and we hosted the event.  It was quite an evening with 125 people, a band and lots of fun. Chris sold out of books and a good time was had by all.

Last summer, Chris returned the favor by [Read more…]

Inman Park Festival (April 27th-29th)

Atlanta is famous for it’s many wonderful neighborhood festivals. But the best of all is our Inman Park Festival!

Each year, one weekend in late Spring,  the streets are blocked off and Inman Park has a party. The streets are lined with the best artists, great food vendors, music under a tent, and of course sidewalk drifters.

This year it will take place April 27th-29th with a highlight being the funky, funny parade on Saturday the 28th at 2:00pm. If you have been before, you know not to miss it. It is also your chance to tour some of the homes in this eclectic neighborhood.

If you have never experienced the Inman Park Festival, now is the time to get hooked–It will become your new favorite spring pastime.  If you are not local, we are all booked for Festival weekend  this year. April is a beautiful month to visit Atlanta and with the Festival as added incentive, you might want to get this on your calendar for next year.


Food Trucks by Urban Oasis

Every Wednesday afternoon food trucks from around Atlanta gather a block away from The Urban Oasis in The Stove Works’ parking lot. Trucks serving everything from Puerto Rican dishes to Asian sliders and all-natural popsicles cater to locals and professionals. The trucks are a great, alternative quick grab for lunch, or the perfect place to take in a slow lunch at a pick-nick table on a nice day.

Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward Neighborhood Highlighted in The New York Times

Urban Oasis is located on the border of two historic Atlanta neighborhoods: Inman Park and The Old Fourth Ward. Recently, The New York Times published a piece highlighting the up-and-coming Old Forth Ward neighborhood, calling it “a cradle of culinary and artistic innovation.”

The article spotlights several restaurants and hang-outs in the area, including Kevin Rathbun Steak, a wonderful high-end steak-house, located in the building next door to [Read more…]

Beautiful Weekend for the Inman Park Festival!

The 4oth Inman Park Festival is in full swing this weekend ( April 30 and May 1).  And isn’t the artwork that my friend and web design client, Jon Arge, did for the poster and tee-shirts this year absolutely fabulous?.

I’ll never forget my very first Inman Park Festival. We lived in Druid Hills( nearby beautiful but stuffy neighborhood) and came over to walk around the festival when I was a week overdue with my  first child, Amanda  (turning 25 next week) to be born. It was really hot that day and I hoped that walking around in the heat would send into labor, but the only thing I got was swollen ankles and she  took her sweet time to come another whole week later. I can’t believe that was 25 years ago. [Read more…]

Right in the Midst of the Best Restaurants and Bars Around

Location, location, location. We are in such a great neighborhood. In addition to lots of shopping and theaters and trails and history, we are smack in the middle of food and drink heaven. I hate to even begin to write this since I don’t have time to cover all of the good  places in this post. But, I wanted to give you a few of my favorites hangouts.

We are right next door to one of the best steak houses in the country, Kevin Rathbun Steak. It is a delight, dark with [Read more…]