Urban Oasis Gets New Flor Carpet and Dining Room Chairs!

New Flor Carpet at the Urban Oasis Bed and Breakfast. Very excited to get our new Flor Carpeting at the Urban Oasis Bed and Breakfast. Soothing blues.

Chairs #midcenturymodern #ilovecolor
My new Eames Shell Chairs are now assembled! They look just like the photoshopped pic I did. I love it when what is in my mind is manifested so precisely. With this much color in my place, I have to be careful adding to it.

Joseph’s Coat Roses From My Garden.

Joseph's Coat roses from my garden. The first two weeks of May are the most beautiful in the Urban Oasis Garden. The pink New Dawn roses, fragrant Confederate Jasmine, climbing, orange Joseph’s Coat roses, Wisteria, Peonies, Euphorbia, orange Canna Lilies and the dark purple leaves of the weeping Redbud Tree all work together to make a crazy collage of color and texture.

Breakfast at Urban Oasis.

Breakfast at the Urban Oasis Bed and Breakfast

breakfast at the Urban Oasis

The Urban Oasis is not usually a Shrimp and Grits and Biscuits kind of place. Often our guests want to conserve their calories for all of the fine Inman Park dining later in the day. During the weekdays, there is always a pot full of strong coffee ready by 6:30 AM and we lay out a help- yourself continental breakfast with juice, hard boiled eggs, granola, Greek yogurt, fruit, breads and jam. Sometimes, I make green drinks with kale, lemon, cucumber and green apple. Yum.

But sometimes on the weekends, we roll out the works and cook a big breakfast spread. The weekend of Inman Park Festival was just such a time. On Saturday everyone wanted to eat light and get out to walk around the art booths and go hear music. But Sunday morning [Read more…]

Need a Ride From the Marta Station?

Mini Cooper Easter Car

I got my new Mini on Easter Weekend and really love the Robin’s Egg blue. This little car is zippy and perfect for scooting around the neighborhood and picking up guests from the Marta Station. Inman Park is smack in the middle of great shopping and dining but it is a $30.00 cab ride from the Airport. If you are not going to rent a car, we suggest you take the MARTA to the Inman Park Station and we will pick you up from there. So if you are planning a trip to Atlanta be on the lookout for the Easter Mini.